Does the shop take credit/debit cards?

I can accept PayPal or VenMo for payments however everyone else at the shop is cash only.

Where are you located and what are your hours?

I tattoo at Pastime Tattoo where I am the co-owner. The shop is at 1390 E 14th St in downtown San Leandro, CA. we are open everyday noon to 8. I am there Friday through Tuesday. Click here for more information on the shop location.

What are your prices/rates for tattoos.

I price each tattoo differently based on size, placement, detail, difficulty, etc. Click here to see a full breakdown of how I price my tattoos.

Do I need to leave a deposit to book an appointment?

Yes. Usually $50-100 depending on the piece. Click here to read the full deposit policy.

Do you take walk-ins?

Whenever I don't have any appointments booked, I do take walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis. I do tend to stay pretty booked up with appointments, so your best bet to be able to get tattooed sooner rather than later is to book an appointment ahead of time. Especially if it is a larger tattoo that requires signifigant drawing time.

Do you do touch-ups?

If it is something that I originally tattooed within the last year, I will gladly touch-up your tattoo for free if needed. If it has been over a year, if your tattoo needs to be touched up because it wasn't properly taken care of (trust me I will be able to tell), or if I didn't originally do the tattoo, then I charge regular price for touch-ups.

Do you do cover-ups?

Yes. I have to check out your tattoo and the remaining space around it to be able to determine the options of what can be done to cover it. Cover-ups can be super tricky, and there are lots of factors like size, darkness and placement that will really limit what the tattoo can be covered with. As long as you are aware of that, are willing to keep an open mind to suggestions, and are willing to work with me on what can be done to make the cover up work properly, then I will glady cover up your unwanted tattoo. If I feel it is too dark, or is something I am not 100% confident in covering up, I will be able to refer you either to a tattooer who I am confident will able to cover it up better than I can, or to a legitimate laser removal clinic.

Do you tattoo fingers/toes/palms?

Yes. However, because the skin in these spots regenerates twice as quickly as skin anywhere else, there is about a 90% chance most or all of it will fade/fall out/blotch up/heal like shit/look like shit within the 2-4 weeks it takes to heal. It is just the way the skin is in those spots. Everyone's skin is different, and some people have more luck than others in these areas. For the most part tattoos in these spots don't look as good as they did when they were first tattooed once it is healed. It is because of this that I normally charge a bit more to tattoo these areas and charge for touch-ups in these areas.

Is there anything you won't tattoo?

I will not tattoo anything that could be interpreted as racist or gang related. If your tattoo is in a style that I am not 100% confident or comfortable with, I will not tattoo it but can refer you to a tattooer who can do the tattoo for you. I won't tattoo anything that I don't feel I will be happy with the outcome.

Will you tattoo my hands/neck/face if I am not already heavily tattooed or set for life in a career that allows it?

No. I know different tattooers feel different ways about this. I made the choice to not do any "job-stopper" tattoos on anyone who isn't already heavily tattooed or set in a career that allows it. Often times people (usually younger people) want to get these "glamour spots" tattooed first cause they want to look as cool as their favorite musician they just saw on TV. Life changes when you are heavily tattooed in places that are highly visible . Once someone has gone through with many years of experiencing how people look/treat them differently as a "heavily tattooed person", I feel only then they are capable of making the conscious desicion of crossing over that line and getting tattooed in "job-stopper" areas that can't be covered, and are fully aware of the consequences that may come from it. Unfortunately, we live in a world where the tattoo bias is still very much alive (although it has become way more accepted in society lately). I sleep better at night knowing I'm not the reason some dumb ass kid isn't able to get a job/career, loan on a car/house, landlord approval, fair judgment in court, treated fairly by people of authority, just because they got "bitches ain't shit" on their neck for their 18th birthday because they saw it in some Drake video or something. Even if it means I will lose out on money and they will get it done by the next guy.

Can I bring all of my friends with me to get tattooed?

Please don't. Usually bringing one person with you to keep you company is perfectly fine with me. I want to be able to give you and your tattoo my full focus and most times having a lot of people crammed into my work station becomes very distracting to me and my co-workers.

Can I bring my baby/kid with me to get tattooed?

No. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I have a baby boy of my own. But I feel there are some places that kids shouldn't be and the tattoo shop is one of them. There are just too many things that are around that could be harmful to the child if they were to accidentally come in contact with. It really puts me in an awkward position when people's kids become distracting and loud, not only to me but also to my co-workers. Plus, I'd hate for your kid to be exposed to the explicit language and imagery that is commonly around the tattoo shop environment. If your kid is 15-16-17 years old, quiet, still and well behaved, then that is ok.

Can I bring my pet to the shop?

No. It is against health department regulations. Unless it is a certified service animal, leave it at home or tie it up outside.

Can I be high or drunk when I get tattooed?

I'd rather you not. If you are wasted I won't tattoo you. Having a couple beers or smoking a little bit of weed isn't usually a problem, but getting shit-faced doesn't help the pain. It makes you move around a lot, and not listen to instructions, which makes it a HUGE pain in the ass for me.

Can you tattoo someone under 18?

No. California law states that I am not allowed to tattoo anyone under 18 even with parental consent.

Are you willing to trade tattoos for goods/services?

Not usually, but I'm always open to listening to offers.

Can you tattoo me at the house?


Can I be your apprentice?

I don't feel that I am at a point in my career where it would be appropriate to take on an apprentice.

I have a picture of a tattoo/artwork that someone else alrady has. Will you tattoo the same exact thing on me?

In most cases no. I try to make each tattoo I do an original piece that is custom made for you. Most times the tattoo in the picture was intended to be for that client only, and would be disrespectful not only to the artist, but also to the client wearing it, to copy their tattoo. I can, however, use the picture for reference and draw something similar enough to have the same idea you want, while also changing it enough to not copy the design. If it is some basic, generic, Pinterest/Google design that everyone is getting because it's the new tattoo trend on the internet, then I will gladly do it, as long as you are fully aware that what you are getting is very popular at the time, and you will be in a group of THOUSANDS of other people with the exact same tattoo. If it is a classic flash design, or something that the original artist drew with the intention of other people tattooing it, or if you have permission from the original artist, I will tattoo it.

I don't live near you but I really want to get tattooed by you. What can I do?

Keep an eye out on my website and on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I like to travel out of town to work at different tattoo conventions and guest spot at different shops. I will post all travel dates as soon as they are booked. If you would like to suggest somewhere for me to travel to tattoo you, contact me, and in some cases, if I know I can tattoo enough people to cover travel expenses and make my trip financially worthwhile, I might be able to arrange a guest spot in a shop near you (shops and conventions only no house calls).

Can I buy tattoo supplies from you.


If you have any questions that weren't answered above, contact me and I will get back to you promptly.