Deposit Policy

I require a deposit for ALL appointments, no exceptions, no matter what.  Usually for smaller tattoos the deposit is $50, and for larger tattoos the deposit is $100.  The deposit is taken off  the tattoo price once the tattoo is completed. If it is a multiple session tattoo, the deposit rolls over and is taken off  the price of the final session once the entire tattoo is completed.

If you don't show up to your appointment, are late to your appointment, or if you reschedule without 72 hour notice, you will lose your deposit and will be required to leave an additional deposit to reschedule.

Your deposit holds your time slot in my schedule.  It insures you that I will not be taking any walk-ins or booking any appointments that would  interfere with your appointment time.  It insures me that you wont flake, be late, or reschedule last minute (all of which screws up my schedule and finances for the day).  I usually spend several hours on average drawing for each tattoo.  For someone to not show up for something I spent hours preparing for them is a big waste of my time.  Keeping the deposit helps make up for only a fraction of the time and effort I could have spent on a punctual, paying client who respects my time.